Conjuring the Universe : The Origins of the Laws of Nature

There is a thesis at the heart of Conjuring the Universe but it takes some reading to suss it out. Most well-educated people think that astronomy has narrated a picture of the beginning with a proverbial Big Bang starting an evolutionary process which leads to human beings as the first terrestial creatures with the ability to understand the universe’s origins. Some may have read of multiverses and worlds springing into being with eve...

Exoplanetary Atmospheres (Princeton Series in Astrophysics)

"Highly recommended. What makes this book stand out is that it is really geared to teaching students how to model atmospheres as a whole―not just one or two particular aspects, but the complete picture, which is a must for the future endeavor of understanding exoplanetary atmospheres."―Ignas Snellen, Leiden University "An essential introduction to the theoretical foundations of this cutting-edge new science. . . . Authoritative and a...

Wilderness Survival Handbook

Everyone has their own opinion on books like this one. Me? It taught me plenty of survival tips and techniques that I didn't know. The explanations were straight forward and easy to understand and absorb. I would hope that I never have to use most of what is in here but I sure feel more comfortable venturing into the wilderness after having read through this book and going back to specific sections that interested me. Of course, the ...

The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes

oh dear god, chocolate chip cookies that actually taste like CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. it's been so long. i've been trying - and abandoning - vegan baking recipes for three years; they were almost all lousy. now i've had this cookbook for one week and i've already made excellent, carnivore-fooling chocolate chip cookies (twice), sugar cookies, and brownies. my dairy- and egg-allergic 4-year-old is thrilled, and so am i. i also love the...

Mechanisms in Advanced Organic Chemistry

For a very long time the need was felt by graduate and postgraduate students of Chemistry of almost all colleges and of Indian Universities for a book dealing with advanced mechanistic organic chemistry written in understandable language and with suitable examples which can be easily grasped to make their concept clear.

Contemplating Reality

"Karr is a friendly teacher of difficult material: exercises offer ways of helping students reach conclusions; demanding chapters of philosophical explication are relieved by quirky "interludes" of poetry and comedy; and appendixes contain helpful biographies of historical Buddhist teachers and a chart of philosophical systems. . . . Contemplating Reality will challenge the advanced student of Buddhism interested in the historical an...

History of the Jews in Modern Times

As of this writing, I see that no one has reviewed this book on Amazon, which is unfortunate. The book is worthy of a review. So here is my effort. Gartner covers the period from about 1650 to 1980. He explores the world events that affected Jewish communities, from the Cossack revolt in the Ukraine and Poland in which perhaps 90,000 Jews lost their lives, to the French Revolution and Jewish emancipation, immigration to America, the ...

ADD in Intimate Relationships

This book may save marriages that would ordinarily end in divorce and will create happier, healthier loves for couples who previously felt dstined to live together in misery. This book is unique in several ways: * It gives specific healing techniques for overcoming the emotional gap subsequent to ADD. * Dr. Amen shares the existence of ADD within his own experience, bringing both a professional and personal knowledge of the disorder....

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Recruitment, Selection and Employee Retention

"This is an excellent collection of chapters, providing in-depth coverage of important topics in the recruitment, selection and retention of employees. The handbook provides a deep exploration of the theoretical and empirical foundations of personnel psychology, and offers many useful insights into the opportunities created by new technologies, as well as strategies for dealing with the challenges of a global and diverse workforce."

Live and Let Die (James Bond)

I've read a couple of the books, always been a big fan of the movies. This book influenced at least 3 of the movies, but the perspective and the times when this was written makes Ian's handling of race issues cringeworthy. If you're willing to ignore that, the Bond character in the books seems to get hurt more frequently, it even impedes his lovemaking occasionally. There's also a bit of travelogue and cooking channel in here. All of...